Individual: €85

Couple    : €95

Family      : €95

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do people attend counselling? 

People attend counselling for all sorts of reasons, some may want to focus on a single issue while others may want to broadly explore their life and life patterns.

How long do sessions last?

Individual sessions last 50 minutes and couple and family sessions are for 60 minutes.


How long will I attend therapy? 

The number of sessions varies and are dependent on the needs of the individual. For some short term therapy

(approximately 6 sessions) may be all they need. Some issues may take longer to resolve and long term therapy provides the space and time in which to work through these issues.


How often should I attend?  

Sessions generally take place on a weekly or fortnightly basis, depending on the individual needs of each person who attends therapy. 


What happens if I miss a session? 

If you need to re-schedule or cancel an appointment I ask for 24 hours notice and no fee will be charged. If you fail to turn up for the appointment or don't give 24 hours notice I will charge the full fee. 


Is what I talk about confidential? 

Yes, confidentiality is an important part of the therapeutic alliance. However, there are limits to this confidentiality. What that means is that there are circumstances, based on legal and ethical obligations, in which I would need to bring certain conversations out of the room. However. I would always aim to do this with you in a collaborative way. The circumstances are as follows:

  • Client safety

  • Child protection

  • Mandatory reporting in regard to present or historical child sexual abuse.