Couples Counselling

Relationships are an important part of our lives and when they are not going well it can be very difficult for both parties as well as the wider family system. Many couples experience difficulties and seek therapy for a variety of reasons. These include issues relating to patterns of communication, sexual and intimacy difficulties, feeling emotionally disconnected, financial difficulties, addiction issues, infertility, infidelity, transition to parenthood and difficulties relating to parenting, as well as difficulties relating to the wider family system (e.g., in-laws). 


Making an appointment for couples therapy is the first step toward creating a new way forward together. The aim of couples work is to first uncover the issues that are creating the difficulties; and then to create a shared understanding of how each partner experiences their relationship.


The couple can then begin to explore ways to successfully navigate these difficulties and develop new skills with which you can begin to co-create a new relationship together. The work may comprise the couple attending jointly for some sessions and individually, for others, depending on the needs of the couple at that time.